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Welcome to Desolution!
Desolution is a semi-hardcore, friendly, progressive 25-man raiding guild on Twisting Nether EU. This page describes information about our guild, how to apply and what we expect from our raiders.


Desolutions's website is


The GM is Neitis, and officers are Mimm, Nieml, Bales and Veryan.

The member ranks are as follows:
- Trial (for new applicants subject to the TRIAL period defined below)
- Raider (established members of the guild)
- Social/Alt (for friends or family - other players permitted under some circumstances)
- PVP (for members of the PVP team)


During raids we use Ventrilo and all members must be able to hear and understand what is being said in English. Being able to talk on Vent is encouraged and may be required at times.

We consider attitude and behaviour to be an important aspect of the guild. We are interested in sensible, mature and skilled raiders and we expect our members to behave accordingly.


We welcome applications from all classes, factions and realms who consider themselves to meet the requirements of our guild. We always consider exceptional applications even if recruitment for your class may be closed.
All applications are reviewed by our officers and discussed by our members before any further action is taken. Please accept that it may take up to a week before you hear from us due to this process.

- Your computer must be capable of running 25-man raids smoothly
- Your internet connection must be reliable with low latency. If you have a continual problem with lag or disconnections, please do not apply until this is fixed.

We are interested in players who:
- Meet our expectations for attitude and behaviour
- Are skilled and well geared with sufficient experience, gemmed, specced and enchanted suitably
- Fit into our guild without causing conflict

Applications which the leaders and members consider to be promising may be offered a trial.


New applicants that are offered a trial in the guild will be invited by an officer or the GM at an mutually suitable time (e.g. if you have to leave your existing guild we ask that you do this respectfully, even if it takes a day or two)

- The default trial period is 3 weeks but can be longer or shorter by the responsible officer's discretion
- Don't expect to be CONFIRMED for all raids during the trial period
- Just be your normal self and raid to your highest standard


We all go on vacation, so we simply ask that members inform us in advance before going AFK for any significant period of time


Currently we are raiding four nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday Sunday and Monday from 20.00 to 23.30 realm time with a 10-minute break around 22.00. We expect raiders to log in on time in case of server queues.

All guild events are organised through the in-game calendar and published in advance of the new 'raid reset' week. We ask all raiders to ACCEPT or DECLINE events in advance with the understanding that ACCEPT means "i will be online and available to raid" and DECLINE means "i am not available to raid". TENTATIVE will be considered a decline.


24 hours before each scheduled event, officers will attempt (wherever possible) to CONFIRM or STANDBY all accepted invitations with the understanding that CONFIM means "you are in the raid and expected to be online" and STANDBY means "you are to be online or contactable either via the game-chat or Ventrilo standby channel". Remember that if you ACCEPT an invitation this means you'll be available to raid even if you're on standby.


For raiding we require a minimum set of addons:
- Deadly Boss Mods
- Raid frames - all raiders are expected to be aware of raid status, debuffs, etc. We recommend a correctly configured raid frame addon but default UI can suffice depending on role.


When guild funds allow, repairs will be turned on during raids. Food will be provided during all 4 raid nights. However it's recommended that all raiders carry enough personal food in case the guild has been unable to source the required mats in advance.
We expect raiders to use their own flasks for the entire duration of the raid.


This section describes the rules for all scheduled guild raids.

- Raid performance (including potion usage), attendance and attitude for all raiders and trials will be monitored by the guild leadership. If performance is not of a sufficient standard the raider in question may be put on probation.
- At the start of WoD we expect raiders to get to max level in the week after the launch so raids can start being scheduled during the second lockout.
- The minimum attendance requirement is 13 raids per rolling 4-week period (i.e. average of over 3 out of 4 raids per week)
- All members who are ACCEPTED, CONFIRMED or STANDBY are expected to be ready to raid 15 minutes before raid start time. For CONFIRMED/ACCEPTED members, this means that you must be outside the zone entrance portal, or inside the instance (as required) 10 MINUTES BEFORE raid start. For STANDBY members this means you must be contactable (as defined above) 10 MINUTES BEFORE raid start. Raiders must take queue time into account: being on Vent on time but not online in-game is not acceptable.
- Each raid will have a nominated raid leader (normally an officer or the GM)
- Members who are not online or ready to raid by this time may be replaced if necessary.
- All raiders must be prepared with pots, flasks, repairs, specs and gear as required BEFORE raid start.
- Each raid will normally incorporate a 10 minute break (at a suitable time decided by the raid leader) and going AFK any other time is not acceptable
- We expect all raiders to have read tactics and watched videos before attempting any encounter
- We expect all raiders to spec into utility talents if required for a specific fight, at an officer's request.
- All raiders must have the required guild addons installed and working (see guild addons section)
- All raiders must ensure their PC is running smoothly (see application requirements)


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