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re: App: Runedead

The application submitted by Runedead is as follows:

Character name:

Link to your armory page (please ensure whenever you log out of the game, your PvE gear for spec you are applying for is equipped):


Which main spec are you applying for? (e.g. Resto):

Do you have a useful raiding PvE offspec?:
Destro - yes

Character playtime (/played command) in days:
80 returned during Siege of Orgrimar.

What is your age?:

What is your nationality?:

What is your BattleTag? If you'd rather not publicly post it, you can send it in an in-game mail to Neitis.:

Link to a screenshot of your UI during a raid boss encounter. If you do not have a current screenshot please take one in LFR and upload to for example

Link to a recent log of a raid you attended (WoL or similar). Note that this is considered a VITAL part of your application, as it helps us to judge your performance such as use of cooldowns or consumables in a raid environment.:
I am sorry but I only have logs from Highmaul, click heroic difficulity and all bosses... I dont know why the link didn't show all bosses at once - -

Describe your base rotation or priorities. What aspect of your class do you find most challenging? Also if you have any unusual talent choices please specify why.:
[b]Single target[/b]: Prepot + (precast 4 secs before pull) Soul Fire -> DarkSoul--> Grimoir Doomguard then 1x Hand of Gul'dan -> Corruption -> ShadowBolt-> 1x Hand of Gul'dan for the 2x stack of ''Dot'' Enter ''Meta'' cast -> Doom and then Touch of Chaos or Priority if there are ->Molten Core procs. For single targt I try to keep Dots up all the time and use my Dark Soul together with Grimoir: Doomguard. How I spend my Demonic Fury - I save up to 7-8 stacks of molten core and use them together with Dark Soul. If I am near capping my Fury I enter ''Meta phase'' and sink some Fury - Get extra Damage in and effitently using Fury so it doesn't go to waste. To add - It is smart to NOT use Dark Soul:glyph on single targets as there are no ''on demand necessary AOE damage''

[b]AOE fights[/b]: Prepot + (precast 4 secs before pull) Soul Fire -> DarkSoul--> Doomguard then 1x Hand of Gul'dan-> Corruption -> ShadowBolt 1x Hand of Gul'dan for the 2x stack of ''Dot'' Enter ''Meta'' cast -> Doom and then ''Cataclysm'' and Chaos Wave, the rest fury I spend on Touch of Chaos or Molten core procs. This is the opener for boss fights where the AOE actually happens later in the fight, such as - Operator Thogar, Kromag more or less - Flamebender K. where the Cooldown of ''Cataclysm'' will have ended when the actuall AOE

I dont find many things about warlocks ''challenging'' and ,in my opinion, we warlocks are very viable class to almost every boss fight since I can even remember.

Describe your key bindings for your main spec:
These are my keybindings.
1. - Shadowfury
2. - Shadowbolt
3. - Hand of Guld'an
4. - SoulFire
5. - Corruption
6. - Immolation Aura
Q - Prepot
E - Demonic circle: Teleport
F2 - Demonic circle: Summon
H - Dark Soul
Shift + t - Dark regen + Healthstone ( implemented inside of a macro)
B5(on mouse) - Trinket - ''Shard of Nothing''
Shift + N - Shard of Nothing
R - Metamorphosis
T - Felstorm
F - Cataclysm
B - Doomguard
These are the one's i thought were the most imprtant

Which prior guilds have you been in and why did you leave those?:
Hysteria - back in WoTLK, I used to raid alot - 13/14HC 25MAN ICC
Ruby Sanctum - 25M HC Halion downed.

The guild disbanded because alot of people were not able to put in the time as the IRL responsibilitty kicked in.

Cata - I raided rarely as I personally had no time to play the game

I joined guild called - ''Epirus'' during MoP and the release of Siege of Orgrimmar we downed - 11/14hc and the guild merged together with a guild called - Ephixia and we downed 14/14HC. Iam still in Ephixia but the guild is without active members and it is falling apart.

Why do you want to join Desolution?:
I want to join Desolution because I used to raid high end and I am willing and want to do it again, because it was an amazing experiance when I was younger and I have no doubt that this guild can provide me with this experiance again.

Is your computer and internet connection good enough for 20 man raiding?:

What can Desolution expect from you as a raiding member?:
100% attendance aswell as focus during progression. good attitude and humour when it is appropriate. Good skill level and always strive for improvement when it comes to raiding and outside of raiding in general.

Describe your long term availability for raiding with Desolution (e.g. when/if you are away for extended periods of time):
I may be away for 2 weeks on august but I dont think that is a huge impact on progress as the tier will have been out for quite some time already. To add I know that I didn't have BRF logs but Although I took pictures of my DPS at the end of some of the boss fights in BRF - , , , and
I am aware that I personally am lacking mythic experiance, but i have studied the mythic fights just to answer with a positive - YES I know what to do in almost everyfight on mythic BRF

Have you read, understood and do you agree to the "Guild Information" page in the Public Forum?:

Thank you for applying to Desolution. We will review your application on the public Desolution forum, please note that you may get asked questions, so please check regularly. We will contact you with the outcome either in-game or via GuildLaunch PM.


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re: APPROVED - App: Runedead - by Nieml


Accepted for trial.

Contact an officer for guild invite.

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